Different kinds of guarding within the Security Industry

It can be difficult figuring out which type of security cover you require. There are many different types of guards, but here are the different types that we offer at Lionheart.

SIA Qualified Guards

The SIA (Security Industry Authority) was created to give licencing and regulation to the security industry. They offer training to those who wish to improve their security skills to become more qualified.

The SIA are there to ensure guards are ‘fit and proper’ to do their job at an acceptable level. SIA operatives are used on licenced, and non-licensed establishments and have more authority than a steward. There are three main licences you can complete to achieve your SIA: Close Protection, Door Supervisor, and Security Guard.

Close protection SIA qualified guards are bodyguards. This type of security is used for protecting a specific person or family. While close protection guards a smaller group or individual, the other qualifications secure an area or establishment.

Door supervisor qualified guards have the power to evict someone from premises, can also be first aid trained and covers key holding. Door Supervisors also can judge any person entering an establishment based on their behaviour and debate if that person should be allowed on the premises. They have training in conflict management, physical intervention, and drug awareness. Door supervisors can work on licenced and non- licenced establishments.

Security guard qualified SIA: these types of guards are used at any non-licenced site such as retail, construction, security reception, etc.


These guards are more customer service based and are normally used at retails sites. They can do queue marshalling, retail, events, etc. You would request a steward usually if your establishment requires a guard with a customer service role. Stewards help to enforce rules, manage crowds, and act as a deterrent.

We hope this post has answered some of your questions about the world of guarding. If you have any more specific questions and need more help in choosing the right service for you, give our office a call and we would be happy to have a free no-obligation discussion to see what your needs are.

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